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Diary of a Club Traveler: The Zimmermans Visit the UK

While vacationing through England, Ireland and Scotland, Club Members Bob and Deecie Zimmerman journaled their journeys and took plenty of photos along the way. We’re honored they shared their journal with Club Traveler. The couple’s trip was so beautifully detailed in Deecie’s journal that we decided to let Deecie, in her own words, take you through the highlights.

Let your mind wander into vacation mode as you scroll through photos and excerpted reflections from Deecie’s journal entries from this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. May these experiences from your fellow Club Travelers inspire and aid in planning your next trip.



Buckingham Palace

“We walked through Green Park to Buckingham Palace and took pictures. We took the long way around back (all the way around the walls of the palace). It was quite a long walk!”


Piccadilly Circus and The Tower of London

After a good night’s sleep, Bob and Deecie had breakfast in Piccadilly Circus.

"It was very filling! The English breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, a ham slice, potatoes and more! We bought two days of the Big Bus on-off tours and went up to the Tower of London. It’s a big beautiful castle with walled-in enclosure. We spent about four hours there with a walking tour headset.”

Charles Dickens' House

Despite a rainy day, Deecie and Bob found plenty to do indoors.

“We took the Tube to a station near the Charles Dickens house and museum. The house was very interesting. There was a lot about his life, the writers of that era who influenced him and the things that happened to his family that was reflected in his stories. There is a quaint coffee shop in the house.”

Chester and York

“Chester: What an enjoyable town! The horse races were on, so there were many people on the train with us. It is the oldest race track in constant use, according to our guide. Weary but happy, we arrived in York just as the horse races ended. At both places, Chester and York, the men were dressed in their Sunday best and women wore exotic hats with their cocktail or evening gowns.”

“At our hotel in York, the bar area soon crowded with similarly dressed revelers. The Hampton by Hilton on Toft Green isn’t very far from the train station and is across from the local brewery.”


Clifford's Tower

“We had lots of sunshine with a slight breeze, which I call ‘sweater weather.’ We have come to England at the right time since everywhere we have been there are beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming. We walked around the town and took in Clifford’s Tower. It is very tall and the stairs were very steep. That took us about an hour to see and climb around up to the ramparts.”

Jorvik Viking Adventure

“We had to wait in line for the Jorvik Viking adventure. I took care of looking in their small gift shop while Bob held our place in line. … [once inside] there was a narrated ride with re-creations of the [Viking] village life, similar to a Disney ride. There was so much to see and so many things to read and watch. They even had men and ladies dressed in the Viking style answering questions and assisting throughout.”  



Mock-duel in Edinburgh

At Home in the Hotel

“When we arrived the hotel, we were treated like royalty! They showed us our room and how the lights worked. We can set the mood of the bathroom by changing the lights from regular to blue to pink and yellow. They even have red lights under the bed and in the toilet area for night time navigating. Wow! It is spacious and elegant. One of the technical guys helped us set up our Netflix movie I brought along. He made it work on our laptop connected to the large screen. We dined in their elegant dining room still in our travel clothes, but they still treated us as special people.”


Shakespeare's Pub and Edinburgh Castle

“We lunched at Shakespeare’s pub, which we later read was one of the top 10 pubs in town - it was quite good. While we ate, we discussed the various attractions we wanted to see, and decided on the Edinburgh Castle. The castle sits atop a volcanic mountain in the center of the town; it wasn’t far from the hotel, about one mile.”



City Tours, the White Taver and Albert Memorial Clock (above) in Belfast

“We rode all the way around the town [on a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus] and got off for lunch at about 1 p.m. Our guide directed us to the White Tavern, the first tavern to get a liquor license in Belfast, around 16:30 [4:30 p.m.]. I had a chicken and ham pie with “champ,” a mashed potato with chopped onion. The pie crust was the best ever! It melted in my mouth it was so flaky and light. After lunch, we had a hard time getting our bearings, but the Hop-On Hop-Off ticket seller helped us with directions.”


Cliffs of Moher

“Once at the Cliffs of Moher, we walked the cliffs and took pictures. The visitor’s center had a lot of interactive screens for the way the cliffs were made as well as photos of the area and a screen that showed what it would look like if one was flying like a bird or swimming under water like a fish. It made Bob dizzy, but I enjoyed it.”


Abbey at Kylemore

‘“We were taken to the Castle and Victorian walled garden and Abbey at Kylemore for a lunch and the sites. It was beautiful and so many acres that they had a tram take people from site to site! We took the tram to the castle and peered into all the rooms, then walked to the Abbey and took more pictures. Describing the scenery is difficult because some of it is so amazing. This trip was a great experience!”

“It took us a few days still getting up too early, but a week later and we are back to local time.  It was a wonderful trip!

Thank you to the Zimmermans for giving us this look into your vacation! If you’re interested in taking part in the Club Member Diaries, email us at We’re excited to share in the memories with you!

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