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Packing Tips for Ocean Trips

Whether it’s Myrtle Beach, Waikiki Beach, the North Shore, or the shoreline off Miami, Club Travelers frequent the ocean.

With summer just around the corner, today’s On The Fly offers packing tips for ocean trips.

For Your Skin:


If you are not checking your luggage, have each member of your party pack a travel-size sunscreen in a carry-on bag. That way you all have some for your first day at the beach. You can always buy more if you run out. If you’re checking your luggage, go ahead and pack a big bottle.

Lip Balm

Don’t forget to protect your lips from the sun. Make sure you buy lip balm with sun protection factor.

Aloe Vera

In case you do get a little burned, pack some aloe vera to soothe your skin and reduce pain.

For Your Wardrobe:


Layers of clothes aren’t just helpful in the winter; they’re equally helpful at the beach. For women, tunics and dresses can serve as swimsuit cover-ups as well as evening/day attire. Consider also packing a pashmina or light jean jacket for when the breeze gets a little chilly during the early and late hours.

For men, button-down shirts or cotton T-shirts also can be multifunctional. Throw on a button-down shirt as a cover-up and you can grab a pre-beach lunch in style before heading to the ocean.


Try to limit yourself to three pair of shoes to save space. Pack flip-flops or sandals, walking shoes or tennis shoes, and one pair of dress shoes. You may want to throw in water shoes if you’re planning on underwater activities like snorkeling.

A large tote bag

We suggest packing a tote bag that zips. Then you can fit all your beach essentials without the fear of them falling out and/or getting lost in the sand while digging for your sunscreen.

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You’re at the beach, so remember to pack sunglasses! Plus, it’s a good idea to carry your shades in a case so they don’t inadvertently get smashed in your tote.

Also, pack fun jewelry that pops with color, like bright turquoise.

Last but not least, you can’t survive the beach without a hat. (OK, you’ll survive, but, trust us, you’ll be happier with a hat.) Whether it’s a floppy straw hat, fedora or even your favorite baseball team’s cap, you’ll be thankful to have it to help shade your face. Tip: Wear your hat on the plane to save space in your bag.

For Your Entertainment:

Book or Magazine

Vacation is all about relaxing, so pack a book or magazine you’ve been dying to read, but haven’t had time to indulge in yet.

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A Rainy Day Basket of Ideas

In case of bad weather, have a backup list of activities to do in the area. Not sure what to do? Search Club Traveler by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right-hand corner of the home page, typing in your destination and hitting enter. Resulting articles will appear with information about your vacation destination, activities for you and your family and more.

Rain or shine, preparing and packing in advance will help ensure a fun getaway.


*Photo of people enjoying the ocean and the weather at South Beach in Miami, Florida. Photo by Meinzahn.

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